There are several varieties of aluminium Swing doors available on the market. Doors are made for indoor and outdoor use. The first type of structures is located in offices, study rooms, meeting rooms, and also as part of partitions. Outside doors serve the purpose of entrance doors. The choice of structures depends on the purpose of the door, the size of the opening and the requirements for the appearance. Swing Doors Galle

The aluminium hinged door is equipped with rebates, therefore, with double glazing, it provides high sound insulation. External structures, depending on the purpose, are made from a wider “cold” or “warm” profile. Glazing is performed with single / double- glazed windows with triplex, tempered or damp glass. The structure is based on various profile systems.

The constructions are made with single, double glazing, if necessary, blinds are added. Aluminium swing doors are available in a range of styles, allowing you to choose the right match for your home. Swing Doors Galle