Construction is the ultimate phase where the design values and details take a tangible form. Our expert team of civil engineers and workforce provides premium construction service, making use of the right materials with the right technology and working as per the scheduled design and timeline. It is believed choosing the right people is the half work done already. House Construction Galle

There are lots of challenges and obstacles one could find going through the construction phase, like confusion regarding materials quality and competitive prices in the market, unskilled manpower and overheads due to them, using the right amount of ratio in the concrete mix, use of additional chemicals, setting time for formwork, and other technical aspects. When these factors are not taken into account lot of problems could arise during and later construction as well. To mitigate any errors and work as your team, we from Jana Constructions hope to provide excellent service and less hassle in your daily routine promising a better home and a strong future.

House Construction Galle