Glass shower partitions have become an integral part of the modern bathroom. Besides serving the functional purpose of separating wet & dry areas, a glass bathroom partition provides elegance and style to the bathroom. Shower enclosures keep the bathroom dry, hygienic and safe. By restricting the water inside the wet room, shower enclosures keep the entire bathroom dry, thus making it bacteria free and hygienic. They can also reduce the chances of slipping by separating the wet space and allowing handles on the shower glass partition to hold on to. Shower Cubicles Galle

Space has become the most precious commodity in cities today and by using a shower enclosure, you can save space. A modern bathroom has 3 specific areas: basin area, water closet area and shower area. A Corner standard-size shower cubicle with dimensions of 1m x 1m or 1.2 m x 1.2 m helps serve all the functional requirements of the bathroom. With its functional benefits, a bathroom glass partition has become a need in every bathroom today. Shower Cubicles Galle